Nutrition News for October

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(Thank you to Mrs. DeGroote for putting this portion of the newsletter together.  For those of you who do not know Mrs. DeGroote, she is an Educational Assistant at DGH who looks after the nutritional snack program – and does an outstanding job at it.  Due to her hard work any number of students benefit each day.  You may have noticed the healthy snacks which are placed in the main foyer of the school each morning that students can choose from in the morning.)


Nutrition News


Our breakfast program began the week of September 15. The students flock around the breakfast trays, quickly scooping up a little something to tide them over until Nutrition break.


The Family Education website has some tips about breakfasts that your child can prepare for him/herself.


Yogurt Parfait

Scoop any flavour of yogurt into a dish. Then add seasonal fruit and a spoonful of homemade granola.


Toast and Fruit

Toast whole wheat bread and spread it with a nut butter, cream cheese, or butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.


Cereal and Fruit

Choose unsweetened cereal, such as Shreddies or Multigrain Cheerios. Add prepared fruit such as strawberries or bananas and milk.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs provide protein. Combine them with whole wheat toast or fruit and milk for a healthy breakfast.


Frozen Waffles

Make a batch of whole wheat waffles from scratch and freeze them. Pull out when you want a quick, but nutritious breakfast. Offer a topping that has no added sugar.


During the last week of September, some students are arriving early to assist making the breakfast trays. They gain valuable skills in food preparation as well as developing the satisfaction of helping their fellow students.


Mrs. DeGroote