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I hope everyone had a safe and healthy summer. Now we are back to routines and busy lives.


It has been documented that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Below are some tips I have found online that might encourage your children to eat breakfast.


Ideas for Back to School Breakfasts


Perhaps your child will be tempted to eat these delicious choices:


• Make a parfait. Layer low fat yogurt with berries and top with granola.

• Pair whole-grain cereals, containing ≥ 5 grams of fiber and ≤ 10 grams of sugar, with low fat or fat free milk. Top with fresh or dried fruit.

• Have a special breakfast once a week featuring smoothies, pancakes, waffles, or omelets.

• For smoothies, blend low fat milk with frozen berries and a banana (or any fruit) and blend for 30 seconds.

• Serve unusual breakfast foods once in a while like last night’s leftovers.

• Opt for a whole fruit instead of fruit juice (but always choose 100% fruit juice when splurging).


For those children who need a top up later in the morning, our school offers a breakfast program. It is a “grab and go” version, in which students select some food from trays set up in three locations in the school. The trays are stocked with foods from the four food groups. This program will begin, hopefully, on September 15.


~ Mrs. DeGroote