Nutrition Break Routines

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Nutrition Break Routines


Students who live outside the school’s walking area or who are participating in a nutrition break activity, usually stay for the break.  They eat in their own classroom under staff supervision for the first twenty minutes of the break.


Students who live in Little Britain may choose to go home for the second nutrition break.  Parents are asked to please send a note to the classroom teacher to indicate the normal procedure for that break (e.g., home for the break every day or at school for the break every day).  Exceptions to the normal routine must be communicated to the classroom teacher or the school office by written note or phone.


Students leaving school property during the second nutrition break on an occasional basis must have a dated, signed note for each occasion.  They must sign out as they leave and sign in before returning to the classroom or playground.


Students who leave the property for the second nutrition break may not return until twenty minutes into the nutrition break when supervision of the playground begins.  Any food or drinks bought in Little Britain must be consumed before returning to the school property.

Students are not allowed to buy candy etc. and bring it back to school.  Students must have their nutrition break and return directly to school.  They should not be in other areas of the village such as the Community Centre, ball diamond or forest areas.  Students should not be visiting homes other than their own.


All School Code of Conduct rules are in effect while students are downtown.


Students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 will not be permitted to leave the school grounds on dance days.