We Are All Excited!

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Dr. George Hall PS…welcome back (in less than a day)! The 2014-2015 has arrived and students and staff are equally excited! The school looks outstanding inside – the shiny floors are always great to see! Classrooms have been put together. Class lists put out. First day lessons are ready to go.

I am excited by the start of the school year (this is Mr. Parish, the new principal, writing)! A new school with 340 (give or take) new student names to learn – it might take me a couple of weeks! I have heard wonderful things about the school (students, parents and staff) and I am looking forward to beginning the journey tomorrow.

DGH, as returning students know, has much to offer. Over the course of the year there is something for almost every student at the school. From clubs that suit artistic students to clubs that suit the athletic…hopefully every student finds something that interests him or her. The DGH staff encourage students to “take the plunge” and sign-up for these clubs and teams – the more you join and participate…the better your school year will be.

Huskies – I am looking forward to meeting all of you tomorrow!