Me To We Day – October 2nd

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A number of grade 7 and 8 students will be travelling to and participating in this year’s Me To We Day.  Held in Toronto for the past several years, Me To We brings youths together with individuals who have made exceptional contributions to society.  The goal is to inspire today’s youth and have them make positive changes in the world themselves.  This year’s line-up includes some impressive people from all walks of life: Colonel Chris Hadfield (a Canadian astronaut) to Queen Noor of Jordan to Joe Jonas to Nelly Furtado.


DGH is sending 15 students along with 2 staff members to participate.  To participate in this event the DGH Me To We team has to commit to do charitable acts in the school, nationally and globally.  The idea behind this is to give students a global perspective on the world.  There is no doubt that the DGH Me To We team will do great things for the rest of the year.  You should also know that the intent is for the students to take the initiative (as opposed to school staff driving what takes place).


Thank you to Mrs. Cayley, Mrs. Read and Mrs. Graham for organizing this year’s team and for supporting the student team for the remainder of the year!


If you are interested in learning more, click on the link below.


October’s Principal’s Message

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And September went where?  Aside from the fact that I was new to Dr. George Hall PS and learning the routines of the school, it seemed that September passed awfully quickly!  DGH students quickly feel into the rhythm of school and, in particular, getting involved in school activities.  Within the first 2 weeks of school starting both the Cross Country Team and Soccer Teams were up and running, with there being a good student turnout for both.  Mrs. Jewell has already held a Peace Garden Club meeting and Mrs. Cayley, Mrs. Read and Mrs. Graham have arranged for DGH’s ongoing participation in We Day in Toronto in early October.  September also saw our recent Meet the Staff Night, along with the Book Fair.  Both events were well attended by both parents and students.  Our Terry Fox Run took place on September 26th in the third block.  ALL of our students walked or ran.  All of the money goes to the Terry Fox Organization to fight cancer.  We will have to see if DGH meet its goals to see if Mr. Hetherington will have any challenges to follow through on!


October promises to be an equally busy month.  TLDSB schools in the City of Kawartha Lakes region (along with Haliburton area schools) will be participating in the Cross Country Meet on Tuesday, October 7th.  Our runners have been training hard and should be ready to represent DGH well!  All of our soccer teams (Primary for grades 3 and 4, our Junior Mixed Team and our Senior Teams) will be participating in the Zone Soccer Tournaments (check out the calendar on the main page of the school website for dates).  Having been at schools that have played DGH teams before I know that the Huskies are ALWAYS competitive!  School Photo Day takes place on Wednesday, October 8th.  Jimmy Chapman will be continuing his visits.  His visits in October will be for the Junior and Intermediate divisions.  He is ALWAYS a hit with students!  A not so popular, but important event nonetheless, are HEP B needles for our grade 7 students and HPV needles for grade 8 girls on October 30th.  In order for your child to receive these needles you do to submit the paperwork.  If you have missed this paperwork, just contact the office and we can put you into contact with the local Health Unit.  Last, but not least, our grade 7 and 8’s are off to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto on Friday, October 17th.  The Aquarium is spectacular, so our students should enjoy the day.


How do I like DGH?  I am loving it!  Thanks for making me already feel a part of the DGH community.  DGH is certainly an impressive facility.  Aside from the air conditioning (a huge bonus as my last two schools were “naturally air conditioned!”), the gym’s size, the impressive entry foyer and stage, and intelligent lay-out makes it a very enviable school!  The green space outside is not to complain about either.  The students at DGH, as they have been at all of the other schools I have worked at, have been very welcoming and forgiving of my forgetting or mispronunciation of names.  Smiling faces and “hellos” are always appreciated when you are the new person at a school.  I also appreciate the variety of activities in which students can become involved.  While DGH has a very well-developed sports program, I like that it also has activities such as Me to We and the Peace Garden Club.


Huskies – keep up the outstanding work!


Mr. Parish

Nutrition News for October

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(Thank you to Mrs. DeGroote for putting this portion of the newsletter together.  For those of you who do not know Mrs. DeGroote, she is an Educational Assistant at DGH who looks after the nutritional snack program – and does an outstanding job at it.  Due to her hard work any number of students benefit each day.  You may have noticed the healthy snacks which are placed in the main foyer of the school each morning that students can choose from in the morning.)


Nutrition News


Our breakfast program began the week of September 15. The students flock around the breakfast trays, quickly scooping up a little something to tide them over until Nutrition break.


The Family Education website has some tips about breakfasts that your child can prepare for him/herself.


Yogurt Parfait

Scoop any flavour of yogurt into a dish. Then add seasonal fruit and a spoonful of homemade granola.


Toast and Fruit

Toast whole wheat bread and spread it with a nut butter, cream cheese, or butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.


Cereal and Fruit

Choose unsweetened cereal, such as Shreddies or Multigrain Cheerios. Add prepared fruit such as strawberries or bananas and milk.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs provide protein. Combine them with whole wheat toast or fruit and milk for a healthy breakfast.


Frozen Waffles

Make a batch of whole wheat waffles from scratch and freeze them. Pull out when you want a quick, but nutritious breakfast. Offer a topping that has no added sugar.


During the last week of September, some students are arriving early to assist making the breakfast trays. They gain valuable skills in food preparation as well as developing the satisfaction of helping their fellow students.


Mrs. DeGroote


Jimmy Chapman is “in the house” on Tuesday!

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Primary students – do not forget that Jimmy Chapman is back for his final primary visit on Tuesday, September 30th!  Some classes will be having the “girls vs boys” dance-off at the end of their sessions!


What do you need to participate?  Just clothing and shoes that is appropriate for dancing!


Jimmy Chapman will be working with our junior and intermediate for the 3 Tuesdays following this week.  Time to put those moves together grades 4 to 8 students!


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DGH Cross Country Team – Competes October 7th

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Go, Huskies, Go!


Thanks to our dedicated students and staff, DGH is sending another strong Cross Country team to this year’s County Cross Country Meet which is being held on Tuesday, October 7th.


Students have been practising since the 2nd week of September, with some teams running at 8:00 a.m. (now that is dedication!).  Cross County is a sport where there are NO short cuts (figuratively and literally!).  To get better you have to practise regularly and accept the aches and pains that come with running.  Early morning runs often are not any fun at all, yet our Cross Country team stuck with it and the effort is going to pay off on the 7th.


Thank you for being great representatives of the school!  This will be only one of your many outstanding athletic efforts this year!

DGH’s Terry Fox Run

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Outstanding job today, Huskies!  DGH held its annual Terry Fox Run/Walk in the 3rd block this afternoon.  Students from JK through to grade 8 walked and ran from 2:15 to 3:15 and did an excellent job.  We had a few runners who particularly excelled (with one of our intermediate boys running almost the entire time – pretty impressive!).

Regardless of walking or running, our students were, overall, very well behaved and conducted themselves well.  Getting outside and walking for even an hour demonstrates effort and initiative!  It was also great to see a number of our older students being supportive of our younger students.

Thanks also to the staff involved in organizing the day (it went off without a hitch) and thanks also to staff for putting on the running shoes and getting out there!

Mr. Hetherington promises to be in full running shape for next year – running for an hour straight!


CKL Library Events – October

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City of Kawartha Lakes Public Library

October Events


Little Britain

Craft Hour

Saturday, October 18 from 10:30 – 11:30 am
Read to the Dogs

Once per month. Dates and times TBA


Little Britain Library Hours          Call 705 786-2088 for information.

Mondays        10 am – 2 pm

Thursdays     4 pm – 8 pm

Saturdays      10 am – 2 pm



Storytime & Craft

Tuesdays at 4:00 pm

October 7, 14, 21, 28


Oakwood Library Hours   Call 705 953-9060 for information.

Tuesdays       11 am – 7 pm

Saturdays      10 am – 2 pm


Ontario Public Library Week

October 19 – 25

Come celebrate with us!  Check out an item and receive your free library card holder (while quantities last).


Food For Fines – A partnership between the Library and Kawartha Lakes Food Source.   Pay your overdue fines with donations of food items during Ontario Public Library Week.


“What I like about my library” Contest – Pick up an entry form and draw or write about what you enjoy most at your local library.

Bicycle Helmets

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A reminder to students who bicycle to school that you MUST be wearing a bicycle helmet to be on school property.  It is the law that all students at our school (due to their age) should be wearing a bicycle helmet both on and off school property.  This is very much a safety issue and one that the school appreciates your support and cooperation with.


We would also encourage all students who bicycle to school to have a bicycle lock.



DGH Artwork

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Mrs. Karklin’s grade 4 class (the artwork at the top of this page) and Ms. Burns’ grade 5/6 class (the pictures below) have been busy demonstrating their artwork and art skill!  In the attached photos you will find artwork from both classes.


Nice job, students!  Of course, the hair problems in “Bad Hair Day” artwork is a problem I will never have (Mr. Parish is writing this post!).



DGH Book Fair – Wed, Thurs and Fri!

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Thanks to Mrs. Starr, the DGH Scholastic Book Fair has been setup and is ready to go for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.  As you can see in the attached photos, there is a book for just about everyone.  There are lots of books for our primary students (I remember reaIMG_1835ding a lot of Dora, Scooby Doo and Spiderman with my children!) to shorter chapter books to full novels for our older students.


Mr. Parish’s favourite book at the Book Fair?  That’s easy!  Star Wars – the photo is attached.  One more Star Wars book for my collection!  I have to say that the “Predators” book looks pretty good, too.


All profits from the Book Fair go right back into the library.  Profits are either used to purchase books from Scholastic, or the profits are used to books outside of Scholastic.  Either way, it’s a win as our library gains more books!




Primary students may visit during 1st recess on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Junior and Intermediate students may visit during 2nd recess on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Students and parents may visit between 5:30 p.m. and roughly 6:45 p.m. on Thursday night at Meet the Staff Night.

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