IE Weldon Information Night, Wednesday, November 19th

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IE Weldon Information Night (November 19th)

If you are interested in IE Weldon’s IB Programme, plan to attend the school’s Information Night this Wednesday.  Information will be provided on what precisely the IB Programme is, the requirements for signing up, the typical workload and the benefits to participating in a programme such as this.

DGH Spirit Day… A Success!

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DGH’s Spirit Day – Character Day


Friday, November 14th saw DGH’s students and staff get into “character.”  It was a great success!  Characters ranged from Minnie Mouse to characters from Frozen to Harry Potter to Zelda (Mr. Parish is happy to see that at least 1 student in the school actually knows a video game character that he played when he was younger).


Of course, there is always one staff member with a sense of humour (at least, I HOPE it was a sense of humour!).  Please check out Ms. Schmiegelow, or should I say Ms. Parish?  It was an impressive costume, I cannot deny that.  From the vest (it is hard to miss me on the yard), to the walkie-talkie tucked into the vest, to the brown pants (my least favourite colour), to the black coat and hat and to the mustache…she pretty much pulled it off (I cannot deny it!).  Apparently I even have a specific style of walk because she sure did an excellent job imitating it!  The best part of her impersonation?  A younger student came into the office looking for me.  Mrs. Taylor said I was in the hallway.  The student went into the hallway, saw “Mr. Parish” and immediately took off after him/her.


Since I occasionally have a sense of humour, I could not help but play 10 questions with myself.  Sadly, Ms. Parish only got 6 out of 10 correct!


Ms. Schmiegelow



10 Questions for “Ms.” Parish


1. Favourite colour – got it wrong (it’s orange)

2. Colour of my car – got it wrong (it’s gold)

3. My wife’s name – got it wrong (Lucy)

4. How many kids – got it correct (2)

5. What sports do they play: got it correct (both play hockey and lacrosse)

6. Favourite band – got it wrong (Rolling Stones)

7. Favourite pet – got it correct (cat)

8. Favourite subject – got it correct (History)

9. Books or video games – got it correct (books)

10. 3 previous schools before this – got it correct (Dunsford, Queen Vic, Rolling Hills)


Very impressive, Ms. Schimegelow!

Elmira Chicken Orders Due Monday

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Grades 6, 7 and 8 Students and Parents

Do not forget that Elmira Chicken Order Forms are due into the school on Monday, November 17th.  Profits from the fundraiser benefit students for year-end trips in each of these grades.


If you have any questions, you can speak with Ms. Graham, or contact the office at 705-786-1915.


As always, than you for your support of this programme.

Progress Reports Go Home, Friday, Nov 14th

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Progress Reports Go Home This Friday

Do not forget, parents and guardians, that Progress Reports go home this Friday, November 14th.  Check those backpacks and agendas!  Please remember to sign, detach and return the bottom portion of the back page to your child’s homeroom staff member.  Parent-Teacher interviews will begin the following week.  While Progress Reports are important, the conversations that follow in the Parent-Teacher Interviews are far more important.  If at all possible, we encourage all parents and guardians to attend their meeting.

Items Needed for Christmas Shop at DGH

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DGH School Community – We Need Your Help!

DGH parents and community members, your help is needed to make our annual “Christmas Shop” a success.  For those who do not know, each year DGH puts on a Christmas Shop where students can donate $2 and purchase gifts for family members.  This is an especially big hit for our younger students!  For the low cost of $2, students can purchase a gift for a loved one “from the heart” and truly give a family member something to remember.  While the gift may not be expensive, every parent and guardian knows that these are gifts that are cherished and loved for years to come.


Thank you to Mrs. Walden for organizing the Christmas Shop.


How Can You Help?

Donate to the school new or “gently used” items like:


• toys

• ornaments

• puzzles

• board games

• knick-knacks


Where To Drop The Items Off?


• at the office anytime during the day




• the sooner the better!


The Christmas Shop takes place on Wednesday, December 17th.



Poinsettia Fundraiser for DGH Parent Council

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Poinsettia Fundraiser

The DGH Parent Council has announced its second fundraiser – Poinsettias!  This is a brand new fundraiser for the Parent Council and they are excited to try it out.


Purpose: To raise money for the Parent Council to support DGH students and families.  This includes the Christmas program where we support local families in need of food and gifts for Christmas.  This is a very important program and one which has benefited countless families in past years.


Key Information: Information has gone home with students today.  The order form lists the poinsettias which are available for purchase.  When returning order forms to the school, please place cheques and money into a clearly marked envelope or ziploc bag.


Start Date: Monday, November 10th


End Date: Monday, November 24th


Delivery Date: Wednesday, December 3rd  

(more details will follow later; however, is anticipated that poinsettias will be available for pick-up after school until about 6:00 p.m.)


ALL profits will go the DGH Parent Council.


The Challenge!


If DGH sells 200 poinsettias, Mr. Boudreault (the Parent Council Co-Chair) and Mr. Parish have agreed to be taped to the wall at a future school assembly.


DGH Spirit Day – Character Day!

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Friday, November 14th is…CHARACTER DAY!


DGH students – the challenge is out there!  Our past 2 spirit days were popular and impressive!  So, we are looking to see what you can come up with for this one.


Do you have a favourite movie, book or television character (just to name a few).  Perhaps it is a character from history?


Get your “character” ready!  Show your school spirit!

DGH Recognizes Remembrance Day

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Remembrance Day – Tuesday, November 11th

On Tuesday, November 11th, Dr. George Hall will recognize the most important day of the year: Remembrance Day.  At 11:30 a.m. (immediately following our first recess), students will come to the gym to participate in our Remembrance Day Service.  Parents and relatives of students are always welcome to join us on this day.


Remembrance Day recognizes the thousands of Canadian servicemen and servicewomen who have fallen in defending and serving Canada.  As a country, our military has served and protected us in numerous wars, including: the Boer War, the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War and Afghanistan.  More than 60 000 Canadian soldiers died in the First World War and another 40 000 soldiers in the Second World War.  While we certainly do not glorify war, we recognize the extraordinary bravery and achievements of the women and men who have served Canada.


We ask that each student bring a small donation for the Legion’s Poppy Fund for Tuesday.  Each student will be given a poppy to wear on Tuesday.


If you are interested in learning more about Canada’s military history you can click on the link below.


Canada’s Military History

Legion Presentation for Grade 7 & 8s Today

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Legion Presentation

Today, DGH’s grade 7 and 8 students received a presentation from Howard Tremaine and John Sherman, 2 local Legion members, about why we recognize Remembrance Day and local men and women who have served in the Canadian military.  Howard Tremaine served as a navigation officer in the early 1960’s in the Canadian Air Force.  He was on a variety of planes, including B-25 “Mitchell” and Lancaster bombers.  John Sherman also served in the early 1960’s, going over to Cyprus as a United Nations Peace Keeper.  He belonged to the Canadian Army.


During the presentation, our students learned about the various wars in which Canada’s soldiers have participated and the human cost in terms of our dead, wounded and prisoners of war.  John also discussed local men and women who have or are currently serving in the Canadian military, making the presentation all the more personal.


Thanks to Mrs. MacEachern for organizing this presentation.  It was certainly insightful as we prepare for Remembrance Day.  Thanks also to John and Howard for taking the time to visit Dr. George Hall.


Legion Presentation

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