LCVI Band Visits DGH on Friday, January 8th

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Thank you to the LCVI Band for visiting and performing for DGH this Friday.  We like artistic performances at DGH, but LOVE that we also get to see DGH-alumni performing in the band!  For our many musical students at DGH this is a highlight of the year.
We are looking to seeing at least a few of our grade 8s returning in future years as part of the LCVI Band!

LCVI’s Instrumental Band Visit – January 9th

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LCVI’s Instrumental Band Visits DGH on Friday, January 9th

DGH will cap its first week back at school with a visit, in the middle block, from LCVI’s Instrumental Band.  No doubt there will be a few former DGH students in the band!  Our entire school gets to enjoy the performance.  That being said, the visit should be of particular interest to our grade 8 students.  We have a number of quite musical students who should be interested in joining both the instrumental music program and the LCVI instrumental band in future years.  Having heard a few high school instrumental bands over the years, I know that they never disappoint during their visits!


Thank you to the LCVI instrumental band for taking the time to visit DGH!

January’s Principal’s Message

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January’s Principal’s Message


Welcome to the New Year and Welcome Back to DGH!


As expected, the month of December passed quickly!  The number of activities and events that took place had a large role in this (although our students’ excitement as Christmas closed in certainly played a large role, as well!).  December saw our students involved in:


• the Student Leadership Group organized DGH’s annual Food and Toy Drive for local families.  The drive was a success with a number of local families supported,


• the volleyball teams (Primary, Junior, Intermediate Boys and Intermediate Girls) continued their practices in preparation for January’s Zone and County tournaments,


Voices, the DGH choir, completed their practices and visited a number of local retirement homes,


Breakfast with Santa – which was a huge success!  Every student in the school received a pancake breakfast courtesy of the Parent Council.  Santa even dropped by for a visit (all of our primary students had a picture taken with Santa)!,


• the Christmas Shop.  Mrs. Walden said that she probably had the largest number of donations this year.  Thank you, DGH community!,


• our first Character Education Assembly of the year.  Amanda and Fiona did an outstanding job hosting!,


the grade 6s visiting the new Lindsay OPP station.  This was a significant honour as DGH was the only elementary school invited to the official opening!  The grade 6s received a tour courtesy of Constable Lanning.


Upcoming January Events


There is no “easing” into the New Year at DGH!  Our students will be involved in a number of activities upon returning to school.


• Each of our volleyball teams will be finishing up practices in preparation for the Zone Volleyball Tournaments (Junior and Intermediate teams play on Tuesday, January 20th) and the County Tournament (Wednesday, January 28th).  DGH will be hosting at least one of the tournaments.


• The grades 3 to 5 classes will have a visit from the Recycle Rangers on Tuesday, January 6th in the first block.  Students will be learning about the importance of recycling, with a particular focus on battery recycling in this visit.


• The LCVI Instrumental Band visits DGH on Friday, January 9th in the middle block.  While this is a fun visit for our students, it is also a great opportunity for our grade 8 students to get a taste of what is available to them in high school!


Friday, January 30th is our next PA Day.  While students will enjoy a long-weekend, staff will be hard at work on First Term Report Cards.


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their family and enjoyed at least a little downtime in our often busy lives.  With the first term Report Cards soon going home it is a reminder that almost half of the school year is finished (which seems a little scary, to be honest!).


I am definitely happy to hear that the weather will cool off during our first week back and that our yards will finally freeze!  The mud bowl that was our yards prior to the Christmas break was not enjoyable for anyone (least of all the custodians dealing with all of that mud in the school).  Then again, if it is as cold as the weather stations predict we will wearing our snow pants and mittens!


Welcome Back on Monday, January 5th

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School Resumes on Monday, January 5th

The groan of a few students might be heart on January 5th; however, most students will be excited and happy (even if they will not admit it!) and parents will be VERY happy – as school resumes!  The Christmas Holiday is over on Monday and DGH’s halls will be filled with our students talking about what they received and the family and friends get togethers and with friends who are just happy to see one another again.


From a staff perspective, this is a “prime time” part of the year!  The buildup to the holidays is over, classroom routines have been established for awhile and the next several months provide for a “prime” learning time.


As a staff, we are looking forward to having your children back at school and continuing the learning journey!


See you on Monday!

Recycle Rangers visit Grades 3-5 on January 6th

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Recycle Rangers Visit on January 6th

A quick reminder that the Recycle Rangers visit DGH’s grades 3-5 students on Tuesday, January 6th.  The Recycle Rangers (as the title suggests) are all about recycling!  Each year the Rangers focus on a specific aspect of recycling – this year it is about battery recycling.  Ms. Schmiegelow’s, Mrs. Adams’, Mrs. Karklins’, Mrs. Alexander’s, and Mrs. Burns’ classes will be attending this session.  The visit takes place from 9:30 to 10:30.

New School and Community Information Source Coming Soon – Peachjar!!

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Our school is getting ready to launch a new electronic flyer communication tool called “Peachjar.” To view school-approved eflyers, simply click the Peachjar button on the school’s website homepage (if the Peachjar button is not there yet, it soon will be).


Also, you have the option to have these eflyers delivered right to your inbox! Please visit to register. This system is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Your email address will never be shared or used for any other purpose.


This “green” initiative will provide parents with better access to information about school programs, activities, and events. Thank you for your support!

Christmas Shop Success!

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DGH’s Christmas Shop Was A HUGE Success!

Mrs. Walden is happy to report that the Christmas Shop was an outstanding success yesterday.  As reported previously, the tables were laden with items for students to choose from.  Incredibly, even more items rolled in Wednesday morning!  As is shown in the pictures below, a phenomenal amount of items were donated this year.  There is really nothing to say on this than THANK YOU for your generosity.  The smile on the faces of our younger children as they shop is priceless.  The pride they have in purchasing something for their family members is impressive!


As with the Breakfast with Santa, there are any number of thanks to go around.  Mrs. Walden deserves the overall thanks for organizing and looking after the Christmas Shop.  The organizing started almost at the beginning of the year and items have been rolling in for at least a couple of months.  This is no small organizational feat!  This is a memorable event for our students each year so the time put in by Mrs. Walden is greatly appreciated.  The volunteers who came in and helped with wrapping also deserve a huge thank you!  The volunteers came for the entire day and wrapped basically non-stop.  I watched the well-wrapped presents going by on bus duty and they looked great!  A large thank you also goes to the many grade 8 students who acted as “personal shoppers” for our younger students.  I heard extremely nice things about your work – just another example of the excellent ambassadors you are for our school.  As noted above, the final thank you goes to the many, many people who donated items.  The day, quite simply, cannot take place without your donations.


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Final Day Before Holidays Events

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There is LOTS Going on at DGH Today!

There is lots planned for the final school day before Christmas Holidays at DGH.  Our day will start off with the final 10-15 minutes of our Character Education Assembly (there will be a number of student presentations).  The day segues into Christmas Carols which will last until the end of the first block.  I hear we have a special musical guest dropping – we are excited about that!


In the second block, the students’ intermediate volleyball teams will be playing staff.  The competition is always fierce.  All of our students will be coming to the gym to watch.  The students are always tough and certainly love winning the “bragging” rights for that sport.


I am guessing that many classes will be having a celebration of some sort in the third block.  It is a pretty good guess that the students’ minds will be on things other than school work by 2:00 p.m. today!

Thursday’s Spirit Day – Green and Red Day!

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Green and Red Day Tomorrow!

DGH students and staff – your fourth Christmas Spirit Day challenge is out there: Green and Red Day.  After the last 3 challenges, this is a pretty easy one!  Got green and red?  Wear it tomorrow!


Show your school pride, DGH students!  This is the final school day for students before the Christmas Holidays – so let’s have huge participation!

Christmas Shop Today!

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Christmas Shop is Today!


Mrs. Walden and her helpers have been busy setting up the Christmas Shop!  The number of gifts is HUGE!  To say that the tables in the gym are loaded with items would be an understatement.  The cost to shop is $2 and this allows students to shop for immediate family members.  Once our primary students have done their shopping, students in grades 4 to 8 will have their opportunity to shop.


Thanks to the many volunteers who helped set up for the shop.  It could not happen without your efforts!

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