Terry Fox Foundation Fundraiser – “Every Cent Counts!”

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DGH community, we were a little slow in getting going with the Terry Fox Run this school year – but we are quickly amping things up!  Our Terry Fox Run takes place this Friday, September 29th beginning around 2:15 pm.


Sadly, cancer has impacted almost every Canadian family.  The Terry Fox Foundation (which is where the money we raise will be donated to), donated $26.6 million to cancer research projects in 2015-2016 alone.  This money is used for a wide range of cancer research.  The advances made through research benefit people throughout the world.


Remember what Jack Prins told us at our assembly on September 22nd: “Every cent counts.”


You can learn more about Jack’s courageous fight against cancer by clicking on this link to a local newspaper article from 2009.


Ms. Prins has set a goal of $1500 this year (about double what we raised last year).  DGH community – let’s meet the goal!

DGH’s Parent Council Little Caesars Fundraiser is…ON!

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DGH community, one of our Parent Council’s major fundraisers has begun!  The Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser began on Friday, September 22nd.  Forms should have gone on Friday, but if yours did not, it should make it home on Monday.  The information letter is provided below.


Little Caesars Parent Council Information Letter


Why Support This Fundraiser?

ALL of the profits go back into supporting the school and our students


• for example, the ALWAYS popular Jimmy Chapman Breakdancing Classes are supported by the Parent Council.  The Council covers half the cost of Jimmy Chapman coming to the school!


This fundraiser has been a consistent performer for the Parent Council and it provides a quality product at a reasonable price.


All of the important information is contained in the link above (which brings you to our information letter).


As always, if you have any questions, please contact the school at 705-786-1915.

DGH’s Terry Fox Fundraiser Has Begun!

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DGH community, our school has kicked off its fundraiser for the Terry Fox Foundation.  Ms. Prins is heading up the Terry Fox Fundraiser and Terry Fox Run this year.  Ms. Prins is completing an LTO at DGH this year for Ms. McColl (Ms. McColl is working as a consultant for the TLDSB this year).


This fundraiser has special meaning for Ms. Prins and her family.  In the kickoff assembly last Friday, Ms. Prins’ brother, Jack, came to speak about his fight with cancer.  For those with much older sons and daughters, you may remember schools across the TLDSB raising money for Jack, in 2003, as he fought and successfully beat cancer.  Years later, Jack remains cancer free and is a passionate speaker on behalf of the Terry Fox Foundation.


Jack spoke about “how every cent counts” in the fight against cancer.


Ms. Prins’ goal for DGH this year is to raise $1500 (double what we raised last year).


How can you fundraise and donate money to the Terry Fox Foundation?  Just click on the link below to find out the important information.


Terry Fox Letter 2017


Terry Fox Pledge Sheet Information for 2017


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 705-786-1915.

DGH’s Parking Lot Routines

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The DGH parking lot is a busy place in the morning and afternoon!  For that reason we are asking that all visitors to our school respect our parking lot routines.  This will help to keep our students safe during drop off and pick up times.


• ONLY buses should be coming into the area immediately beside the school (the bus loading zone) between 8:30 a.m. and 8:55 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

• If your vehicle is parked in the bus loading zone when the buses arrive and students are loading, please leave your vehicle parked until the buses have completely loaded or unloaded and have left the area.

• Cars should NOT be parking along the north side of the parking lot in front of the garbage containers and along the grass leading to the road.  A number of our students walk along this area (especially in winter) and it is dangerous to have cars parking and exiting here.  We usually place orange traffic cones in this area; however, even if the cones are not out there people should not park along there.


The parking lot area directly in front of the school is designated as a “fire truck zone” – meaning that any vehicle (other than a bus) that is parked there can be ticketed.  A number of tickets have been issued in the past few years.

Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks

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A letter with additional information on Police and Vulnerable Sector Checks will be sent home soon after school has started.  The same letter can be obtained by clicking on the link below:


Police and Vulnerable Sector Checks Letter


Please be aware that Police and Vulnerable Sector checks can take several weeks to be completed and returned to the applicant.


Police Checks continue to be processed in the manner they have been previously.  However, volunteers now must also have a Vulnerable Sector search completed.  A volunteer would typically have the Police Check and Vulnerable Sector search completed at the same time.  We have heard that the Vulnerable Sector search can take several weeks to process, so if you are interested in volunteering in the school (e.g., in classrooms, for class trips, the snack program) you will need to have both checks completed.


Volunteers at the school must have both the Police Check and the Vulnerable Sector search done.  If you need these checks to be completed, please request the letter from our office indicating that you wish to volunteer at the school.


Please be aware that DGH will continue to follow a “NO POLICE CHECK – NO VOLUNTEERING AT THE SCHOOL OR FOR CLASS TRIPS THIS YEAR” (this is a board policy).  If you think that you may volunteer at DGH in any way this year, you MUST have an original and updated police and vulnerable check completed and on file at the office.

DGH’s Staff for the 2017-2018 School Year

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The start of the 2017-2018 has seen a number of staffing changes to Dr. George Hall PS!  Below you will find a list of our staff members.


We welcome a number of new staff members who are completing LTOs at DGH.  An LTO teacher is one completing a Long Term Occasional teaching position (kind of like being a supply teacher, but the LTO can last from a few weeks to the entire year).  Ms. Anckaert, Ms. Phendler and Ms. Armitage were at DGH last year and know many of our students, not to mention our school and its routines.  Ms. Elliot, Ms. Prins, Ms. Davis and Mr. Fournier are new to DGH, but our excited to join the Huskies team!  Ms. Elliot and Ms. Davis have supplied many times, in previous years at DGH, so they too know much about our school.  Our LTOs are looking forward to contributing to the DGH community and being a part of the Huskies team.


We also welcome Mrs. Bowman to an Educational Assistant position.  Mrs. Bowman worked at DGH previously (not to mention that her children attended our school), so this is a homecoming for her!  Last, not least, we are happy to have Ms. James onboard as our new Vice-Principal.  Ms. James knows many already in our school community as she lives in the area and her family has been active in the local sports scene.  She has also taught at DGH previously.


Our new staff members are looking forward to meeting the DGH school community this Wednesday at our Meet the Staff Night.


Educational Assistants

Mrs. DeGroote

Mrs. Sunderland

Mrs. Walden

Mrs. Bowman

Mr. Eagleson



Mrs. Taylor (Head Secretary)

Mrs. Starr (Assistant Secretary and Library Clerk)


Custodial Staff

Ms. Van Hamburg (Head Custodian)

Mr. Florence (Night Custodian)

Mrs. Johnston (Night Custodian)


Teaching Staff

JK/SK – Mrs. McGregor (teacher) and Ms. Wilson (early childhood educator)

JK/SK – Mrs. Arscott (teacher) and Ms. Horton (early childhood educator)

Grade 1 – Mrs. Kirkpatrick

Grade 1/2 – Mrs. Marsh

Grade 1/2 – Mrs. Armitage

Grade 2/3 – Ms. Davis

Grade 3/4 – Mr. Fournier

Grade 4 – Mrs. Anckaert

Grade 5 – Ms. Phendler

Grade 5/6 – Mrs. Burns

Grade 6/7 – Ms. Prins

Grade 7 – Ms. Graham

Grade 7/8 – Ms. Elliot

Grade 8 – Mrs. Read



Vice-Principal – Mrs. James

Principal – Mr. Parish

Scholastic Book Fair at DGH Runs September 13th, 14th, 15th and 18th

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Mrs. Starr is excited to host our first Scholastic Book Fair of the year between Wednesday, September 13th and Monday, September 18th.  Classes will be able to book a time to visit the Book Fair and Mrs. Starr will have it open during recesses.


The Book Fair will also be open during our Meet the Staff Night on Wednesday, September 13th.


The Scholastic Book Fair will be setup in the room beside our Main Office (just past the office when you walk down the north hallway towards the Junior/Intermediate end).  As always, there will be a wide selection of books to meet the interests of readers from Kindergarten to grade 8.  Mr. Parish (who is writing this post) will, as always, be on the hunt for new Star Wars books!


Mrs. Starr is passionate about reading and loves books – so this is an event she organizes each year.  Our school receives a percentage from the books sold, with this money being used to purchase additional books for the library.  All profits from the Book Fair go back into the Library.


Thank you, Mrs. Starr, for organizing!





Cross-Country Team Try Outs

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Parents and guardians of students in grades 4 to 8 – your children are able to sign-up for try-outs for the DGH Cross-Country team.  The Senior (Intermediate) teams are being coached by Ms. Graham and Mr. Eagleson and the Junior teams by Ms. Davis and Ms. Armitage.  Thanks to all of our coaches!


DGH has fielded many strong Cross-Country teams in previous years through practices, hard work, coaching and talent.  This year’s team will, no doubt, put in just as effort!  The Cross-County team, along with the Skipping Team and Track and Field Team, is one of DGH’s largest each year.


Encourage your kids to sign-up, please!  Not every student will make the teams (there are a limited number of spots); however, it is the trying out and effort that counts.


The CKL Cross-Country Run takes place at Ken Reid Conservation Area on October 4th.

DGH’s Meet the Staff Night is Wednesday, September 13th

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The DGH staff is looking forward to this Wednesday – our Meet the Staff night!  Please join us between 6:30 and 7:30 pm.  This is an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom and meet our staff members.


Mrs. Starr will also be running a Scholastic Book Fair during the evening.  The Book Fair will be located in the room beside the Main Office.


Click on the link below to view the letter which will be sent home with students on Monday.


Meet the Staff Night 2017-2018 Letter

Valuables and Technology Use at DGH

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A reminder that students are encouraged to NOT to bring valuables (e.g., money, jewellery, expensive sports equipment) or electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, and MP3 players to school.  We cannot be responsible for the loss of any of these articles and the cost of these items can run into the hundreds of dollars.


Please click on the link below to view a letter that was sent home (or will be soon)  with students with respect to technology use at our school.


Cell Phones, Technology and Electronics Letter


Individual staff members may give permission for certain electronics to be used in the classroom (e.g., a phone).  Students (and parents) should be aware that:

  • this permission may be revoked (on an individual or class basis),
  • this permission applies during specific class times and may not be given during nutrition breaks or indoor recesses,
  • these electronics should not be taken outside of the classroom (e.g., because you are permitted to use a phone in class does not mean that you can take it outside onto the yard) and
  • the school cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost items.


All of the above being written, the majority of our students do a great job with technology – which we greatly appreciate!

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