Santa Grams and Candy Jar Guesses on Sale

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A reminder that the DGH Student Council has organized its annual Santa Gram and Candy Jar Guesses event.  Both are on sale each day until this Friday, December 15th.  Santa Grams cost $1 each.  Candy Jars Guesses are 50 cents each or 3 for $1.  All of profits from this fundraiser are used to support the WE Charity.  This is certainly a tasty way to support a great cause!

DGH Christmas Concert Details (Tuesday, December 19th)

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Mrs. James, DGH’s Christmas Concert Coordinator Extraordinaire, is happy to pass along some details regarding our Christmas Concert scheduled for Tuesday, December 19th.  Classes have been practising are excited about their performances!


Important Information

Start Time: 6:00 pm

Acts in 1st Half of Concert

Ms. Arscott & Ms. Horton’s class, Mrs. McGregor and Ms. Wilson’s class, Ms. Kirkpatrick’s class, Ms. Armitage’s class, Ms. Graham-Hamer and Ms. Loper’s (Little) class, Ms. Davis’ class and then Primary Choir


Primary students must be picked by parents/guardians at the intermission.




Acts in 2nd Half of Concert

Cheerleading Squad, Junior and Intermediate Choir, Mr. Fournier and Ms. Loper’s (Little) class, Ms. Anckaert’s class, Ms. Phendler’s class, Ms. Burns’ class and then the Band


Please Also Note

There is a full Christmas Concert Rehearsal on Tuesday, December 19th beginning at 11:30 am.  Parents are welcome to attend the dress rehearsal on Tuesday morning.


Unplanned Fire Alarm Today at DGH (Monday, December 11th)

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DGH community, please be aware that we had an unplanned fire alarm today in the 2nd Block.  The fire department did come to the school (as it was not a planned fire drill).  The system has been reset and all is in order.  These unexpected fire alarms are also a great reminder to all students to have indoor footwear on while inside the school!

It’s Not Too Late to Donate to the Christmas Families’ Program

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DGH community, it isn’t too late to support our Student Council with their Christmas Families Program.  Each year, the Student Council supports local families in collecting food, gift and money donations to help less fortunate families.  This is an outstanding way for our students to show compassion.  It also demonstrates extraordinary leadership by our Student Council each year.


All donations are due into the school by this Thursday, December 14th.  How to help?  Food donations are a great way to help (canned foods and dried foods, like pasta, are popular and have a long shelf life).  Many families donate gifts.  Other families provide a cash or gift card donation.  However you choose to help…it is always appreciated!


ALL donations support families.


Thank you to all those who are able to help.

DGH’s Choir Pictures from Last Friday

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Great job, DGH Choir (and Ms. Graham’s class) for spreading holiday cheer last Friday, December 8th!  Please check out our school’s Facebook page here  to see pictures from the day.  Mrs. Ellis (our Choir Leader) and Ms. Graham commented on the outstanding behaviour of our students and the fabulous ambassadors that they were for our school.



Battle of the Books Begins Thursday!

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Ms. Elliott, Ms. Davis and Ms. Phendler have already had their first meeting and are now getting ready for the official launch this Thursday!  On Thursday, the book titles will be released and students will be able to start signing the books out!  Teams will be responsible for reading each of the books.


Thanks to the 3 above staff for running Battle of the Books again this year!


DGH students – get your teams picked and get reading!

DGH’s Choir and Ms. Graham’s Class Visits Retirement Homes this Friday

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The DGH Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Ellis, has been practising hard in preparation for its visit to Lindsay Retirement Homes on Friday, December 8th.  Ms. Graham’s class will be joining the choir, as well.  The purpose of the visit is to spread good cheer and demonstrate our character for this month: compassion.


Thank you, choir members, for the many hours of practice you have put in this year.  We know that you will be wonderful ambassadors for our school!

Scholastic Book Fair December 6th to 11th

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Mrs. Starr has organized our next Scholastic Book Fair!  It runs from Tuesday, December 6th to Monday, December 11th.  This is a great way to find stocking stuffers and gifts for your child(ren)!  The gift of a love of reading is truly priceless.  There is a book for just about every age and every taste at the Book Fair.  From books designed for beginning readers to books for our grade 8s, and non-fiction books on science and history to science fiction books – the Book Fair has it all!  Most of the books are reasonably priced, which makes them great Christmas gifts.


The Book Fair will be open from 3:30 to 6:00 pm on Wednesday, December 6th and Thursday, December 7th.  On the other days, the Book Fair will be open during recesses (Primary is usually first recess and Junior/Intermediate second recess).


Thank you, Mrs. Starr, for organizing!

Santa Grams and Candy Jar Guesses on Sale – Starts This Wednesday!

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DGH community, this Wednesday, December 6th marks the beginning of Santa Grams and Candy Jar Guesses going on sale!


Santa Grams are $1 each.


Candy Jar Guesses are 50 cents each or 3 for $1.


All of the money raised goes toward the WE Charity supported by the Student Council.  Interested in learning more about the WE Charity?  Check out the link below:


WE Charity

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