Superstition Day THIS Friday – Spirit Day!

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Do you avoid walking under ladders?  Have you ever thrown salt over your shoulders?  Perhaps you won’t open an umbrella inside.  If you have done any of these you are following old superstitions…and you are ready for our first Spirit Day of the year: SUPERSTITION DAY!


DGH community, our Student Council has set this Friday, October 13th as Superstition Day.  They are asking you to get creative and show your knowledge about superstitions.  To be honest (it is Mr. Parish writing this post), this could be one of our more challenging spirit days – but knowing the creativity of our students, I have no doubt that many of you will come up with something original.


Let’s see what you can do, Huskies!

Cross-Country Success!

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Our DGH Cross-Country team represented the school well last Wednesday, October 4th!  Most importantly, our Huskies were outstanding school representatives.  Ms. Graham, Ms. Davis and Ms. Armitage all commented on the excellent behaviour of our students (with Ms. Graham commenting that it was one of the nicest groups of kids she has taken to Cross-Country – no small compliment!).


However, we will definitely also celebrate their achievements.  Achieving success in this sport requires a tremendous amount of sweat and effort over the span of many practices.  Special shout-outs go to:

Intermediate Girls – Alanna L, receiving a medal and finishing 3rd, Sophia F finishing 18th, and Macy M finishing 19th

Intermediate Boys – Aiden W, receiving a medal and finishing 4th, Logan O finishing 14th, and Robert P finishing 16th.

Senior Girls – Faith M finishing 8th, and Emma L finishing 22nd.

Senior Boys – Zac C, also receiving a medal and finishing 2nd, and Austin H finishing 7th


Thank you to our coaches.  Your time and efforts are appreciated!


Please check out the DGH Facebook page for Primary and Junior Cross-Country team photos.  The pictures will be posted at the same time as this post goes out.


Parent Council Little Caesars Fundraiser Finishes Tomorrow (October 11th)

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DGH community, don’t forget that we are asking you to support our Parent Council through its Little Caesars Fundraiser.  The forms and money are due into the school on Wednesday, October 11th.


Why support this fundraiser?  The DGH Parent Council is an active one and has done many GREAT things for our school!  The new school uniforms worn by our teams (check out the photos of Primary Cross-Country team members which will be posted to our Facebook page later on today) were purchased by the school council last year.  The school canopy (photo below) was purchased by the Parent Council.  Whenever there are outdoor sporting activities (and other events), the canopy provides a central and visible location for team members to gather – not to mention shelter from the weather.


All profits from the fundraiser will be used to support out students.  Some possible uses include technology such as SmartBoards and computers.  Profits are also used to support activities like our annual Breakfast with Santa.




Kindergarten Pingles Fun Farm Trip on October 19th!

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We know that the school year is well underway when the Kindergarten’s annual Fall Trip takes place!  Mrs. McGregor’s/Ms. Wilson’s and Ms. Arscott’s/Ms. Horton’s Kindergarten students are headed off to Pingles Fun Farm this Thursday, October 19th for a wonderful day of activities.  Thank you to the many parents and guardians who volunteer and make this trip possible.  Thanks also to the Kindergarten staff for planning and making this trip possible.  Keep your fingers crossed that the weather remains nice for Thursday!  Enjoy yourselves, Kindergarten students.

Overdrive for Parents Is Here!

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DGH community, the TLDSB is happy to continue its roll out of our Digital Library!  Are you interested in being able to choose from 2500 different titles!  Then this is the app for you!  In addition to downloading books, many of the titles are also available as audio books.


Signing up is easy.  Just follow the instructions below.


How parents can request an account:

  • Go to
  • Click on Parents tab;
  • Complete the form with a valid email address.
    • This email address will be used to creating your account.


  • Technology Services will receive the request and an account will be created within 5 business days;
  • Parent will receive an email with their personal OverDrive login account information.


Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser is On!

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DGH community, the Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser is still going on!


Why is the Parent Council asking for your support in this fundraiser?  All of the profits raised from the fundraiser go back into supporting students.  In the past few years, the Parent Council has supported:


• the purchase of school team jerseys,

• the purchase of school canopy which is used for outdoor sporting events and activities (it was on display during Meet the Staff Night),

• making the Breakfast with Santa and Grad Breakfast happen,

• bringing Jimmy Chapman into our school for the very popular Breakdancing Sessions, and

• technology such as SmartBoards.


The Parent Council’s support is invaluable in enhancing school experiences and your fundraising support helps make Dr. George Hall PS an even better place to be!


Would you like to support the fundraiser, but do not have anyone to purchase product from?  Contact the school at 705-786-1915 and we will be happy to help you!



Terry Fox Run Tomorrow (Friday, September 29th)

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DGH community, the Terry Fox Run will be weather dependent tomorrow!  The forecast for tomorrow afternoon is for rain and to be cooler.  If the weather is decent we will attempt the run.  Please dress appropriately for the weather (bringing warmer clothing).  If we are unable to conduct the run, we will let our community know which day next week it will take place.

Terry Fox: “I want to set an example that will never be forgotten.”

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It kind of puts a chill down your spine, doesn’t it, DGH community?


37 years after Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope, few would argue that Terry Fox is one of Canada’s greatest and most recognizable symbols.  I can’t think of a better quote by Terry Fox that sums up what he has achieved.  More than $750 million raised and major breakthroughs in the battle against this horrific disease – all because of his dream.


Support Terry’s dream and recognize his accomplishments.  Fundraise and donate what you can for DGH’s Terry Fox Run this Friday, September 29th.

Terry Fox Run This Friday, September 29th

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DGH’s Terry Fox Run takes place this Friday, September 29th at 2:15 pm.


The caption that goes with the picture on this post is “David who is a cancer survivor at seven years old. After being diagnosed with a Wilms tumour on his kidney at two, he went through ten rounds of chemotherapy and a surgery to remove the cancer. Today, he enjoys horseback riding, running and learning French in school.”


Did you know that DGH has raised just over a total of $60 000 in the years that we have been doing the Terry Fox Run?  That’s an incredible amount of money going towards cancer research!  There is no doubt that this money has helped extend the lives of many of those fighting cancer (if not entirely beating this terrible disease) – including David.


The 5 year survival rate of children with cancer is now 83% – up almost 20% from the 1980s!


To date, over $750 million has been raised by the Terry Fox Foundation!  Schools and students, like ours, have raised a large portion of this money.


Ms. Prins’ goal is to raise $1500 this year!  Let’s help her reach this goal, DGH community.

Practice Fire Drills and Practice Lockdown Drills at DGH

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Students and staff at DGH will be practising Fire Drills and Lockdown Drills over the course of the school year.  For those with older students, you know that we hold several practices for both situations early on in the school year and then a few more as the year continues.  We update and maintain our emergency procedures each year.


The goal in doing so is to give students and staff the knowledge and confidence to react appropriately should the need arise.


Students become quite good at knowing how to react in these situations and the practices help to reduce a great deal of stress.


Should your daughter or son come home and mention having taken part in these practices, please feel free to discuss what has taken place.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 705-786-1915.

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