Grade 8s Visit LCVI on June 8th

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A reminder that our grade 8s are headed off to LCVI tomorrow.  Students will learn about all that LCVI has to offer. For our students that have not had older siblings attend high school, this is a wonderful opportunity.  The barbecue at the end certainly doesn’t hurt, either!  Enjoy your visit, grade 8s!

Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s, Mrs. Little’s and Ms. Armitage’s Classes Are Headed To The Toronto Zoo on June 8th

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Let’s hope for nice weather this Friday, June 8th.  Students in Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s, Mrs. Little’s and Ms. Armitage’s will be headed to the Toronto Zoo for their year-end trip.  Students, parent volunteers and staff will be getting their exercise in as they walk around the zoo’s many exhibits. This is always a popular trip for our younger students!

Welcome to Kindergarten on Thursday, June 7th

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DGH is ready to welcome our next year’s Junior Kindergarten students this Thursday, June 7th.  Next year’s JK students will see what a typical day in Kindergarten looks like, have a chance to see our school and meet our Kindergarten staff.  They will be visiting during our 1st Block. We are excited to meet you!

June’s Principal’s Message

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June is a bittersweet month in a school.  Everything builds toward our grade 8s graduating and becoming high school students, or our younger students preparing to move onto their next grade.  This is a truly wonderful experience and one that we are privileged to enjoy each year. The growth our students demonstrate each year is always incredible!  Yet, a tinge of sadness accompanies the loss of our grade 8s as we lose the leadership and personality they bring to our school. I think this is a reflection of the community built within Dr. George Hall PS.


DGH will continue to be a busy place in the month of June!  Looking at the calendar, there are currently only 1 or 2 days where an activity of some sort is not taking place (and I am guessing that something will likely fill those days, too!).  As always, please check the DGH website and calendar for the most up to date information on events taking place at the school.


What Is Taking Place at DGH in June?


  • Year-end trips will be taking place throughout June.  Permission forms will have either gone home already, or will be going home soon.  Check out the calendar on our DGH website and if you haven’t received a permission form and information yet, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.


  • Jump Rope for Heart for our grades JK to 4 students takes place on Tuesday, June 5th.  Jump Rope for Heart for our grades 5 to 8 students takes place on Monday, June 11th. The grades 5 to 8 event day is an all day event, with several different activities taking place.  Thank you, DGH community, for your incredible support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


  • DGH will be sending a large team of grades 2 to 8 students to the CKL Track and Field Day on Wednesday, June 6th.  Ms. Graham, Mrs. Burns and Mr. Fournier will be taking and coaching the team. We appreciate the efforts of our students in preparing for their events, and our staff coaches.


  • Our Recycling Captains are headed off to Skyzone on Friday, June 15th.  Our Recycling Captains collect recycling from classrooms and make sure the large bins are available to collect recycling from classrooms.  When we talk about being citizens of the world and being environmental stewards, our recycling captains definitely embody this.


  • Two special year-end trips take place in the third week of June.  Our grade 8s are headed off to Quebec City between June 18th and 21st.  This will be a trip to be remember for the rest of their lives! Our grade 7s are headed off to Niagara Falls on June 19th and 20th.  There is not a whole lot of downtime for our grade 7s in this trip – it is definitely a “go, go, go” trip!


  • our grade 8s will be involved in a number of graduation activities in the final week of school.  Grad Breakfast takes place on Tuesday, June 26th, after morning announcements. Our grads will enjoy a pancake and sausage breakfast courtesy of the Parent Council.  The graduation rehearsal (“grad walk-through”) takes places in the 1st Block of Wednesday, June 27th. Please schedule appointments for after the 1st Block so that our grads have the opportunity to practise what the big day is going to look like!  Grade 8 Graduation takes place at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, June 27th. We ask that students arrive at 6:30 pm so that we have enough time to organize them for the start of graduation. Finally, our clap-out begins at 3:00 pm on Thursday, June 28th. This is an opportunity for the DGH community to say a final good-bye to our graduates.


  • The final day of school for students is June 28th.


And, with that, summer vacation beings for our students!  When you have a moment, check out the calendar on DGH’s website and view the incredible number of activities and events that have taken place over the course of this year.  Considering all that has taken place this year, it is no wonder why DGH is such a great place to be!

Little Caesars Pick-Up Is Today (Tuesday, June 5th)!

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My apologies, DGH community, as I did not post this out to the website and Facebook (it is Mr. Parish writing this post).  Today, Tuesday, June 5th, is the Little Caesars pick-up between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.  All product needs to be picked up today, as we do not have storage space at the school.  I apologize for not sending this message out earlier.

Good Luck, DGH Track and Field Team, on June 6th

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Go, Huskies, Go!

We wish good luck to our DGH Track and Field team which competes at the County Track and Field Competition on Wednesday, June 6th. As always, DGH is sending a large team, competing in most of the available events. Students from grade 2 to 8 are headed to the competition. We appreciate your dedication and practising for the events in which you are competing. We also know that you will be great ambassadors for our school!

Go, Huskies, Go!

Loonie Line Assembly on May 11th

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While this post may be a little late in coming, it doesn’t diminish the importance of what was accomplished by this event.  Please read below!


DGH had our Loonie Line WE Walk for Water Assembly on Friday, May 11th. We celebrated leadership, charitable efforts, kindness and citizenship of DGH students.


WE Charity is an organization that is about children helping children. It is about young leaders making a difference for themselves, their schools, their communities and the world around them. Making a difference and giving hope can start with a smile and  a “hello”, co-operating on a sports team or collaborating on a musical, playing favourite tunes in a band and helping our friends with their learning. All of our Huskies do these things everyday to make a difference!


Our Loonie Line and Walk for Water raised some funds which we will be donating to WE Charity for clean water and education, WE Walk for Water was a new event in which we walked around the track and school to represent the many kilometres children walk for water everyday because they have no running water where they live.


Thank you to the DGH community for all your spirit!  Please check out the photos on our DGH Facebook page.


Thank you to the Student Council and Ms. Cayley (under whose direction all of this took place) for organizing this very worthwhile event! Thank you, DGH community, for your generous support of the WE charity. For the past several years, DGH has sent a WE team to the annual WE Concert in Toronto; one of the conditions of participating in this event is supporting local and international charities. DGH has certainly done this throughout its existence!

Scholastic Book Fair at DGH from May 30th to June 4th

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Thank you, Mrs. Starr, for organizing our end of the year Scholastic Book Fair!  As many of you know, Mrs. Starr LOVES books and reading, so she wanted to give the DGH community a chance to stock up for summer reading.


The Book Fair will be open on May 30th, May 31st and June 4th on our regular school days.  Primary students are able to visit at 1st recess.  Junior and Intermediate students are able to visit at 2nd recess.


The Book Fair will also be open for parents (they may bring their child(ren), too!) on Friday, June 1st (which is our PA Day).  Simply come to the office and Mrs. Starr will open the Book Fair families that come.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 705-786-1915.


What book would Mr. Parish have chosen when his kids were younger?  That’s easy – anything on dinosaurs!




PA Day This Friday, June 1st

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DGH community, our students will enjoy a long weekend this week!  Our next PA Day is this Friday, with staff beginning work on June’s Report Cards.  Let’s hope that the weather stays nice so that our students can enjoy lots of outdoors time!  We will see you back at school on Monday, June 4th.

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