LCVI Pathways Information Night – November 13

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LCVI Pathways Information Night


Date:     Thursday, November 13th

Time:     6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Parents of grade 8 students, please be aware that LCVI (the high school that most DGH graduates attend) has organized a “LCVI Pathways Information Night” on Thursday, November 13th.  This is a well thought-out idea!  For parents who have not had a child begin high school, the different possible pathways can seem complicated.  Times have certainly changed since many of us attended high school!  Both students and parents are encouraged to attend this information evening.  Grade 8 students will be starting high school in less than a year!


There will be 2 guest speakers:

Jamie McMillan – an iron worker who will be discussing women working in the trades.

TBA – a speaker who will be discussing opportunities in terms of university.


There will be a number of breakout rooms where parents and students can learn more about particular areas of interest (e.g., OYAP, SHSM, DC, and AP).  In addition, there should be staff members from various departments to discuss the upcoming grade 9 year.  A “Grade 8 Parent Survival Handbook” will also be distributed to parents.


Should you have further questions about this evening you can contact office staff at either Dr. George Hall (705-786-1915) or LCVI (705-324-3556).

IE Weldon Power Pack and IB Programme Information

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IE Weldon Power Pack and IB Information Night


This information is for grade 8 parents.


I.E. Weldon Secondary School will be hosting an information night for all families and educators interested in learning more about the Power Pack and International Baccalaureate Programmes.  The session will be held on Wednesday, November 19th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m..  If you would like more information, please contact Erin Matthew, IB Coordinator, at 705-324-3585, ext. 36026 or by email at  We hope to see you there!

DGH “Grows” Into Movember!

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Movember Is On At Dr. George Hall!


School Goal – $340!


Okay, DGH, we did not have a lot of build-up for Terry Fox or the Little Caesar’s Parent Council Fundraiser…but that is going to change with Movember!  Movember has become the month where money is raised for Prostate Cancer Research.  It is incredible to believe that in only a few short years Movember has grown from a small, unknown event to the very publicized and worthwhile event it has become today!


Since I am a guy (it is Mr. Parish writing this post), it is no surprise that I take a special interest in Movember.


Information on Movember and Prostate Cancer Research can be located at the link below:


Movember Information


The DGH Challenge


1.  The guys on staff (Mr. Eagleson, Mr. Hetherington and Mr. Parish) have agreed to grow their best ‘staches for Movember.  To be truthful, Mr. Hetherington was NOT excited about growing a ‘stache (his wife is not overly fond of it); however, because it is for a good cause, he finally agreed to grow one.


Better yet, Madame Evans has agreed to not shave her legs for the month of Movember!  THAT is dedication!


2.  Our school goal is $340 dollars, or $1 per student.  We are asking that at some point this month, each student bring in at least $1 and give it to their homeroom teacher.


3.  If we reach our school goal of $340, Mr. Eagleson, Mr. Hethering, and Mr. Parish will shave their ‘staches at the November Praise Assembly.  More impressively, Madame Evans just might shave her legs at the Assembly, too (and, let’s face it, that is WAY more brave than the guys shaving their ‘staches!).  BUT – we have to reach our school goal!


4.  All of the money collected will be donated to Prostate Cancer Research.


5.  Students – you can participate, too!


(a) Speak to your parents before doing this; however, you might get your parents to purchase a fake ‘stache which you can put on for the day of the November Praise Assembly.


(b) I have even some students be creative and create their own ‘staches and wear them for the day of the Praise Assembly.


Huskies, let’s make this happen!  Let’s reach our school goal and have a “shave off” at the November Praise Assembly!


The Halloween “Force” is at DGH!

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The Force is Strong in These Ladies!

Always in touch with their force-like powers, Mrs. Starr and Ms. Taylor are modelling their Star Wars characters today for Halloween.  Mrs. Starr, as Princess Leia, and Mrs. Taylor, as Obi-Wan Kenobi, have made sure that the “light” side will rule the day at Dr. George Hall.


“Most impressive,” as Darth Vader would say.




November 14 and 28 – Spirit Days at DGH

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Friday, November 14th and Friday, November 28th are Spirit Days at DGH!

Huskies, our first Spirit Day of the year was decent (School Colours – wearing green and blue) and our second was definitely better (Jersey Day).


Our next Spirit Days are coming up and we would love to see an even higher level of participation.  Everyone will have LOTS of advance notice to prepare!


November 14th is CHARACTER DAY.  Students and staff are encouraged to dress up as their favourite character.  Everyone should be able to have fun with this one!


November 28th is HAT and PJ’S DAY.  Students are staff will be able to wear hats to school that day (always a favourite) and also pj’s.


Remember – all clothing on Spirit Days has to fit into the school’s usual dress code!

ACORN Card Forms Due November 3rd

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ACORN Card Forms Are Due Into the Office on Monday, November 3rd

A reminder that ACORN forms are due into the office on Monday so that Mrs. Starr can organize and send off to the supplier.  If you require additional information, the forms went home several weeks ago.  As well, the forms have been scanned and uploaded to this website in an earlier post.  If you are unable to get the information from the forms that went home or the website, please feel free to give the school a call at 705-786-1915 and Mrs. Starr can help you.


Thanks again to Mrs. Starr for organizing!

Boys and Girls Club – November Newsletter

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Active Kidz

Funding Provided By: Government of Ontario

Location: Dr. George Hall, Little Britain

Ages: Grades JK to 2

Day:  Wednesdays, starting Nov 5, 2014

Time:  6:15-7:00pm for Grades JK to 2

Cost: $35 per person for 6 weeks (Minimum Registration Required) (Limited Spaces Available)

*Financial Assistance options available for all participants—contact Trevor Tompkins or Joshua Williams

Grades 3 to 4, Grades 5 to 6, and Grades 7 to 8


Spikes Volleyball

Funding Provided By: Government of Ontario

Location: Dr. George Hall, Little Britain

Ages:  Grades 3 to 4, Grades 5 to 6, and Grades 7 to 8

Day:  Wednesdays, starting Nov 5, 2014

Time: 7:00-8:00 pm for Grades 3 to 4 and Grades 5 to 6, 8:00-9:00 pm for Grades 7 to 8

Cost: $35 per person for 6 weeks (Minimum Registration Required) (Limited Spaces Available)

*Financial Assistance options available for all participants—contact Trevor Tompkins or Joshua Williams


Registration: Register now online at or at the Boys & Girls Club, 107 Lindsay St. South, Lindsay or at Dr. George Hall on Wednesdays during Boys & Girls Club Sports Programs

Note:  Children must be registered before they can attend program which includes completed registration form, program selection form and payment.


For Registration inquiries please contact our office staff at (705) 324-4493 & press 200

For Program information please contact Trevor Tompkins @ (705) 324-4493 ext. 217 or Joshua Williams @ (705) 324-4493 ext. 211 or


Elmira Chicken Fundraiser for Grades 6 to 8 Students

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Chicken Fundraiser for Grades 6 to 8 Students – Starts November 3rd and ends November 17th

Parents of grades 6 to 8 students, please be aware that that Elmira Chicken Fundraiser is an opportunity for your son or daughter to raise money towards his or her year end trip.  This is a GREAT way to cover some or even all of year end trips.


Parents of younger aged students, if you would like to support a grade 6 to 8 student by purchasing chicken, please contact the office and we help arrange this for you!  Although this is a new fundraiser for me (but the school has run this fundraiser for years), I hear that the quality of the products is quite high.


What:                  Elmira Chicken Fundraising Form

Why:                   Your child can earn money toward her or his June trip

How Much:         $5.00 of every box sold goes towards the students’ year end trip

When:                  Beginning—Monday, November 3, 2014

Ending—Monday, November 17, 2014

Delivery:              Early December (will notify you with confirmed date)


Should you require additional information you contact the office or Ms. Graham at 705-786-1915.

Primary Soccer Team Success!

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DGH Primary Soccer Team Makes It To The Semi-Finals!

Congratulations to the Dr. George Hall Primary Soccer Team which made it to the semi-finals of the County Tournament.  After success in the round-robin portion of the tournament, the Huskies made it into the semi-finals.  The Huskies fought a hard battle with Mariposa in the semi-finals, losing 1-0 in a lengthy shoot-out.  Ms. Evans, the coach, said that several of our shoots almost went in (barely missing corners).  Ms. Evans also praised the team for their effort and sportsmanship throughout the day – they played 3 games back-to-back with barely only a few minutes for a break in between them!  Special mention goes out to the Huskies’ goalies (Emma F and Andy F) who helped kept the Huskies in every game!


Ms. Evans could not be more proud of your effort!

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