IE Weldon IB Programme Info Night Rescheduled to Dec 2

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IE Weldon IB Programme Info Night


The original Info Night was cancelled due to inclement weather.  The night has been rescheduled to Tuesday, December 2 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Room 142.  Should you have any questions regarding the night, you may contact Ms. Matthews at IE Weldon (705-324-3585).

DGH Spirit Day – Pajama Day – November 28th

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Pajama Day – November 28th!

Who does not like to relax once in awhile?  Students always love this Spirit Day!  On Friday, November 28th, students can “take it easy” and wear their pajamas to school.  I am guessing that Ms. Graham will be wearing her favourite Dallas Cowboys pajamas and Mr. Hetherington will be wearing his Pittsburgh Steelers pajamas.  I am going to further guess that Madame Evans will be wearing her favourite French themed pajames, while Mrs. Read will go for something with rescue dogs (no pressure now, staff members!).


Please remember that pajamas must be school appropriate and must follow the usual dress code!


Let’s have huge participation, DGH!


toronto maple leaf pajamas angry-birds-pjs-black-blue

DGH Learning Can Happen at Anytime!

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DGH Has The Dance Moves

Mrs. Read had Mr. Hetherington’s grade 8 class for the Arts after 1st recess.  As you can see in the photo, the class was using DGH’s awesome stage and front foyer for their learning.  One of our JK students just happened to come along…and became part of the class!  While our grade 8’s do work with our JK/SK students at home times, it was great to see the “on the spot” learning taking place.  Nice job, grade 8s!

DGH Kindergarten Learning!

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Mrs. McGregor’s and Mrs. Hadfield’s Class Investigates Patterns

It was a “Pattern Party!”

Mrs. McGregor’s and Mrs. Hadfield’s JK/SK class investigated some “tasty” learning today.  Parents and guardians, if you remember back many, many years you may remember that patterning begins WAY back in Kindergarten!  Learning about Patterning in Kindergarten means learning about AB and ABC patterns.  Check out the photo of the Fruit Loops Necklace and you will see an ABC pattern (orange, yellow, green, orange, yellow, green).  Other students worked on creating patterns on a “crown” that they could then wear.  Why is this so important?  Patterning happens throughout our elementary Math curriculum!  Kindergarten is where it all begins!


You will notice one boy with his “pattern power” cape.  It looks like everyone in the Kindergarten classroom is a patterning superhero!


patterning 1 patterning 2

Poinsettia Orders Due, Monday, November 24th

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Parent Council’s Poinsettia Orders Due on Monday, November 24th

Please do not forget that the order forms are due on Monday.  Profits from this Parent Council fundraiser are going to support local families.  Each year the Parent Council is an active supporter of those who require additional assistance at this time of the year.  You can help them achieve their goals by selling poinsettias.


As mentioned previously, this is a new fundraiser for the Parent Council!  The goal was to try something new, while trying to stay with a product that many people purchase each year.

IE Weldon Information Night Cancelled

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IE Weldon Information Night Cancelled for Wednesday, November 19th

Parents and guardians of grade 8 students, please be aware that IE Weldon’s Information Night on the IB Programme has been cancelled for tonight due to the inclement weather.  The night will be rescheduled for a later date.

PA Day – Friday, November 21st

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Friday, November 21st is a PA Day

Students, you get to enjoy a long weekend on Friday, November 21st.  While staff will be working on School Improvement Planning, you will be enjoying a well-deserved break from school and can read, do extra math and perhaps a little writing on the side.  Do not forget to ask your homeroom staff about ideas for extra work!


For staff, PA Days are an opportunity to work as a whole staff (and in smaller groupings at times).  We look at our School Improvement Plan and how what we are doing supports this plan.  Each year we investigate and implement one or two major new initiatives.  PA Days provide an invaluable opportunity for staff to focus on our School Improvement plan.

IE Weldon Information Night, Wednesday, November 19th

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IE Weldon Information Night (November 19th)

If you are interested in IE Weldon’s IB Programme, plan to attend the school’s Information Night this Wednesday.  Information will be provided on what precisely the IB Programme is, the requirements for signing up, the typical workload and the benefits to participating in a programme such as this.

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