Skills Canada Visits Today!

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DGH welcomes Angela Wilkins, from Skills Canada, today!  She will be discussing the importance of the Skilled Trades in Ontario and future career opportunities in the trades.  The presentation takes place during the 3rd block.


Interested in learning more about the Skilled Trades in Ontario?  Check out the link below!  Remember, Skills Canada is actively trying to build female interest in the trades!


Skills Canada (Ontario)

Got Purple? Wear it on Tuesday, October 24th

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One final reminder, DGH students, that we are asking you to wear PURPLE tomorrow!  Aside from PURPLE being a great colour (it is the colour of royalty, after all), wearing PURPLE shows your awareness of the right of children to be safe and have their well-being respected.  Our children are our legacy, so there are few, if any, goals more important than this day’s purpose!


You can check the link below for more information on Dress Purple Day.


Dress Purple Day Information


DGH, let’s make our school a sea of PURPLE tomorrow!

Human Trafficking Presentation at LCVI on Thursday, October 26th

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LCVI is hosting a presentation, by Timea Nagy, on Human Trafficking this Thursday, October 26th.  The presentation will take place in the LCVI library between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  A survivor of human trafficking, Timea will be speaking about the dangers of this horrendous issue and how to recognize signs of it taking place.  The event is being put on by Kawartha Lakes Human Trafficking Survivor and Support Team and Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee.


Click on the link below to access the event’s flyer which provides additional information.


Human Trafficking Presentation

Senior Boys Soccer Team Plays Today!

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Go, Huskies, Go!


Our Senior Boys Soccer team competes at their County Tournament today!  We know that you will be excellent ambassadors for our school.  Do your best and we will be proud!


Go, Huskies, Go!

DGH Wants Your Pop Tabs (For the Lions Club)

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DGH school community, we are looking for your pop tabs!  For the past several years our school has collected pop tabs, which are then donated to the Lions Club.  The Lions Club takes the pop tabs to a metal recycler and uses the money to support the training of service dogs for low vision individuals.  Last year was a huge success with our school collecting BAGS full of pop tabs!  This is definitely one of the causes that is easy to support and has tremendous benefit.


The Lions Club bucket for pop tabs is in our office – we are looking for your pop tabs!  Simply bring them in and add them to the bucket!


DGH – let’s see how many tabs we can collect over the remainder of the year!

Skills Canada Presentation on October 24th

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Students in grades 7 and 8 will welcome Angela Wilkins, from Skills Canada, to DGH on Tuesday, October 24th in the 3rd block.  The purpose of the presentation is to provide information regarding the skilled trades to students as they prepare for high school.  You can check out more at the Skills Canada website: a link to the Ontario specific website is below.  This is a worthwhile  career learning opportunity for our students.


Skills Ontario


There has been a great deal of discussion lately regarding the difficulty in obtaining enough skilled trade workers.  As well, there is concern that there will not be enough skilled trade workers in the future.  If you click on the link, you will also notice a push towards encouraging women to enter the trades.


Skills Canada is the organization which supports the always popular Cardboard Boat Race event each year!  The purpose of the event is to provide students with an opportunity to “think outside the box” and demonstrate their hands-on abilities and critical thinking skills.


Senior Boys Soccer Team Competes on Monday, October 23

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Our Senior Boys Soccer Team competes at their County tournament this coming Monday, October 23rd.  Coached by Ms. Ellis, the team is ready to play hard!  Our soccer teams have traditionally done well at County tournaments and this team looks to continue the trend!  Thank you, Langton PS, for hosting the tournament.

Dress Purple Day on October 24th

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DGH students and staff – do not forget that we are asking you to break out the purple on Tuesday, October 24th!  Why?  October 24th is Dress Purple Day to raise awareness for the right of children to be safe and to have their well-being looked after.  The link below provides more information about this day.


Dress Purple Day Information


DGH’s students are a crafty group!  I have to confess (it’s Mr. Parish writing this post) that I am looking forward to seeing the creativity of our students on this day.  Purple is one of my favourite colours!  I am assuming that purple hair will be in evidence, but I am hoping that more than a few of our students will do even better than that!


Do the great job you always do, DGH!

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