The 2016-2017 School Year is a “Wrap”!

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While our largest congratulations naturally go to our recent grade 8 grads, we really have to congratulate all of our students at this time of the year.  Dr. George Hall PS is a wonderful place to be for the entire school community.  Our school offers students opportunities in so many different ways and almost all of our students participate one or more of these ways.


Reflecting back on the school year, perhaps the most impressive changes involve our youngest students: our Kindergarteners.  Our JK students begin the year knowing nothing about the routines which allow schools to function.  In just two short years, as they prepare to head off to grade 1, they are seasoned students!   Riding the bus, playing sports on the yard, becoming independent learners – these are abilities and skills which will allow them to be successful in future years.  Our Primary students truly come into their own in grades 1 to 3.  Ever more confident, they are willing to push their learning in new ways.  Some begin to tackle abstract learning and amaze adults with what they know and how they can explain it.  For those that have had a grade 2 or 3 explain the mysteries of multiplication, you know what an extraordinary moment that is!  Junior students, in grades 4 to 6, undergo a phenomenal metamorphosis over these 3 years.  Walking into grade 4 they are still a bit nervous and have not yet hit their growth spurt.  As they leave grade 6, they have a great deal more confidence, exhibit the personality they will likely have for the rest of their lives and many have begun to grow much, much taller!  Our Intermediates, as the oldest kids in the school, naturally take on a significant leadership role.  Many of the grade 8s are “ready” to graduate around March Break, to be honest.  They chafe at the higher degree of control which exists in elementary schools and want the “freedom” of high school (although with greater freedoms comes greater responsibilities too!).  Although being a grade 8 is difficult (many of us adults remember this stage of our lives with varying degrees of enjoyment!), it is an interesting age to teach.  They have grown ever more knowledgeable and are trying to find their place in the world which, most parents know, means a love of arguing!


To the larger DGH school community, thank you for your support over the course of this year.  We ask much of you!  Many of you contribute to the various fundraisers held by the school.  Charities supported include the Terry Fox Run, Me to We Charities, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the local Food Bank.  By helping the school, you are showing the importance to our students of helping others.  Frankly, the maturity and empathy demonstrated by our students is always amazing.  You, DGH community, are the largest reason for this.  You support the school in other ways, including driving your children to the practices and games for all of our sporting events.  This is no small commitment!  Some of the sports’ seasons last 2 or months.  That is a lot of before school and after-school drop-offs and pick-ups!  Finally, your general support of the school makes a huge difference.  Whether being available for conversations with staff members, helping your child(ren) with homework or simply spending time with them – yours is the greatest influence on their lives that they will ever have.


The DGH staff wishes our entire school community a safe and enjoyable summer.  We truly hope everyone gets the opportunity to hangout as a family and spend quality time together.  Of course, we are also hoping that the rain holds off for more than 1 day so that we can truly enjoy some outside time!


Looking forward to seeing our returning students and families in September…along with some new faces too!