June’s Principal’s Message

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The final homestretch has arrived!  However, don’t be fooled, DGH community!  While there is only 1 month left in the school year, there are an INCREDIBLE number of things taking place in that month!  Frankly, every year we say that we can’t pack anything more into June…and yet we always seem to!


While it is natural to be excited for the end of the school year and the coming of summer vacation, June is really a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of the school year.  Consider the experiences of students at two very different ends of our school.  Our grade 8s are moving onto the next stage of their lives: high school!  They have spent 10 years of their life in elementary school – the longest single stretch of any schooling they will likely have.  Many of our graduates entered DGH as JK students and 10 years later are ready to take on even greater challenges in life.  The stresses of learning to write and read are long forgotten (and the sweat and tears put into this learning also forgotten), but these are the skills which will serve our graduates so well in life.  Our SKs are graduating from the Kindergarten programme and moving onto the Primary programme.  In just two short years they have gone from never riding a bus and probably not knowing all of their letters and numbers to being well on their way to being fluid readers, writers and mathematicians.  Not bad for 2 years work!  We don’t reflect enough on the incredible accomplishments of youngest learners.


So many other accomplishments take place in June, as well.  Many classes will enjoy their “year end” trip.  This is a reward for the many, many hours of learning that have taken place over the course of the year.  It is also in recognition of the camaraderie and bonding which has taken place in classes over the course of the year.  Our Intermediate students enjoy particularly special trips: the grade 7s to Niagara Falls and the grade 8s to Quebec City.  It is pretty hard to beat those year end trips!  Both trips are in recognition of our students nearing the end of their learning experience at DGH.


So what is taking place in June?  Read on to find out and celebrate!  There are only a very few days in June  when there isn’t something happening at the school!


• As mentioned above, almost every grade has a year end trip of some sort.  Check out the calendar on the Dr. George Hall PS website to see when all of these trips are happening.


• EQAO for our grade 3s and 6s takes place in the last week of May and the first week of June.  June 5th is the final writing day for EQAO.  It is safe to say that once EQAO is finished that the grade 3s and 6s will be involved in some fun activities!


• County Track and Field takes place on Wednesday, June 7th.  As always, DGH will be sending a large group of students to participate.  The students who enjoy these types of physical activities love this day!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for nice weather.


• Welcome To Kindergarten takes place on Wednesday, June 7th.  We will be welcoming our newest additions to the school for September 2017 (our JKs).  The JKs who seem so young right now will grow up before their parents’ and guardians’ eyes before they know it!


• Our grade 8s are headed off to Quebec City for their year-end trip between June 12th and 15th.  This is a highlight for every graduating class!  There probably isn’t any better way to cap off the students’ time at DGH!  Thank you to Mrs. Read for organizing.


• Primary Track and Field takes place on Wednesday, June 14th.  This is a relatively new event for our Primary students, but they are excited to attend again this year.


• The grade 7s are headed off to Niagara Falls on June 20th and 21st.  Visiting the Falls with friends is a wonderful way to end off grade 7!  Ms. Graham, as always, is excited about taking the 7s there and her students are definitely looking forward to the trip.


• The grade 7s and 8s will be doing their traditional Bike Ride on either June 23rd or 26th (the date will depend on the weather and other events taking place in the school).  This is another activity that most of our Intermediates look forward to each year!


• Grad  Breakfast for our grade 8s happens on Tuesday, June 27th.  Following the breakfast, our graduates will have their graduation rehearsal.


• Graduation takes place on Wednesday, June 28th!  Our ladies and gentlemen will look their best and represent the school well!  Graduation is unquestionably one of the best days of the year and marks the next step in our graduates’ lives.  The Graduation Dance follows the ceremony and runs until 10:00 pm.


• Report Cards, for all but our grade 8s, for home on Wednesday June 28th.


• Thursday, June 30th is the final day of school.  With everything that has happened in May and June, the rest will be needed and well deserved!  The final day of school also brings the grade 8 clap-out which normally takes place around 3:10 pm.  This is the chance for students and staff alike to say goodbye to our recent graduates.


And with that…another school year draws to a close!