DGH Jr/Int Track and Field is this Wednesday, May 17th

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DGH parents with Junior and/or Intermediate students, our Track and Field Day has been set for this Wednesday, May 17th.  We chose this date based on what day was likely to have the best weather.


As always, we are excited to run our Track and Field Day!  A few things to be aware of are:


• track events take place in the morning and once they are finished, we head into the field events for the remainder of the day

• the “finals” of track events often taken place the following day (due to time constraints)

• please to be sure to dress for the weather (exclusive or heavier rain or lightning, we will go ahead with the day).  Be sure to bring a hat and sunblock.  Even when it isn’t sunny you will get a sunburn!  If the day is a bit cooler, a sweater and track pants aren’t a bad idea – you can always change into shorts and a t-shirt as the day goes on.

• you do need to wear running shoes (flip flops, sandals, crocs and those types of shoes can’t be used)

• be sure to pack a good lunch with lots of fluids.

• on Track and Field Days we do allow students to take water bottles outside.  However, if there are issues (kids throwing water bottles around or spraying people) water bottles will have to be left inside.


It should be a great day!  Thanks to staff for organizing!