March’s Principal’s Message

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That was certainly an enjoyable February in terms of the weather.  Anytime you can wear a t-shirt outside in the middle of February – it is a wonderful thing!  Although, I suppose snowmobilers, skiers and snowboarders might feel differently.  That being said, the general consensus among students would be…bring on the warmer weather!  

While February can be part of the winter doldrums, it did not feel that way at DGH with all of the activities and events taking place.  

  • Basketball tryouts involved students all the way from our primary students to our intermediates.  Teams are mostly picked now, with coaches and players settling into the many, many practices involved in a long basketball season.  
  • Students in grade four to eight found themselves immersed in speeches.  The top speakers from each class competed at the school level competition on February 27th and our top 2 speakers from each division will be competing at the Woodville Legion level competition on March 8th.
  • Mrs. Adams’, Ms. Anckaert’s, Mr. Hetherington’s, Ms. Graham’s and Mrs. Read’s classes all participated in various outdoor winter activities.  Considering the recent warm weather, it would seem that they timed their field trips perfectly!
  • Our Kindergarten students participated in their own winter activity: skating at the Little Britain arena.  


As we head into March, we face the reality that the school year is drawing to a rapid close!  While the end of March is only the 7th of the 10 school months, the reality is that the remainder of the year is so jammed packed that it flies by!  Hold on tight, DGH school community, as we will be looking at June in what seems like no time!  

March, too, will have many activities taking place.

  • Both Mr. Hetherington’s and Ms. McColl’s classes enjoyed successful Yearley trips.  Grade 6s across our board spend 2 days at the Yearley camp each year.  It is hard to believe that Mr. Hetherington’s class (which went on February 28th and March 1st) had weather that was 10 degrees ABOVE zero and rain, while Ms. McColl’s class (which went on March 2nd and 3rd) had temperatures that were 10 or more degrees BELOW zero!  Despite the rain, both groups had a great time.
  • As mentioned, our school level speech contestants are headed off to the Woodville Legion on March 8th for the Speech Competition.  Our students traditionally do quite well at this level – as always, we wish them good luck.
  • March 10th is a PA Day for students and a wonderful way to begin their March Break!  Staff will be working on School Improvement Planning (with a focus on Math).
  • The March Break goes from March 13th to 17th.  Students return to school on March 20th.  
  • Our next Parent Council Meeting takes place on Wednesday, March 22nd at 6:00 pm in the school’s library.  Parents are always welcome to join us.
  • Our grade 7s and 8s will enjoy Electives Days on both Friday, March 24th and Friday, March 31st.  Activities take place in the morning, with students returning to the school for the afternoon.  Thank you to Ms. Graham and Mrs. Read for organizing.
  • While not technically happening in March, please be aware that the Basketball Zone tournaments take place in the first week of April.  With 4 teams competing in basketball, the first week of April is going to be busy!