Breakfast with Santa – Wednesday, December 21st

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Mr. Boudreault and Ms. Watt, our Parent Council Co-Chairs, have been “nice” all year and have been talking with Santa – because Wednesday, December 21st is our ALWAYS POPULAR BREAKFAST WITH SANTA!!!


Both will be in early at the school to cook pancakes (cooking close to 1000 pancakes takes some time!) and setup for the morning.  Each class will be invited to the gym to enjoy a pancake breakfast.  This is a tradition which has gone on for years and the Parent Council has it extremely well organized.


The highlight of the morning, though, will hopefully be a visit from Saint Nick himself!  This is why we hope that Mr. Boudreault and Ms. Watt have been nice enough throughout the year!  If our Parent Council Co-Chairs have been nice enough, we are sure that Saint Nick will be kind enough to visit DGH in the 1st Block.