Good Luck Skipping Team at County!!

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The many, many weeks of hard work are about to pay off for the DGH Husky Hoppers (our Skipping team)!  On Thursday, May 5th, the Skipping team heads off to the County Competition.  This is the single largest elementary event in terms of numbers for the TLDSB throughout the entire year!


DGH has sent a large and competitive team for the past many years.  Ms. Burns has again taken the lead in organizing and coaching the team – taking recess after recess and times before and after school to work on routines.  To be honest, there have been times where we have barely seen Ms. Burns for days on end!


Our students have put in many hours of practice in preparation for the event.  Win or lose, Skipping team, we are incredibly proud of your dedication and efforts this year.  You will be great representatives for our school.